Japanese Vintage

Thanks to Valentina I had the chance to discover something very inspiring concerning my first real love: architecture. There's a 26 sq. ft. tiny house in Yokohama. This is not a real deal, I know, the matter is that this house is a restored one making Takuda Tsuchiya (Studio No. 555 famous genius) talking about "Japanese vintage" for the first time ... something we couldn't even imagine before!

Inspired by this house, it seems the right time to let you know I'm moving to a new flat into 3 weeks. That's the smallest house (I'd like to call it "doll's house"), but the cutest ever. There is wood, wood, wood everywhere and the panorama is simply fabulous. I'm so excited and grateful that I can't wait to share some pics with you ;)

Credits: click here

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  1. what a cosy little space. I have been completely obsessed with whites and off whites for decoration lately.


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