Cantine Luoghi Incontri

"Cantine Luoghi Incontri" is a precious volume I jealously guard in my library. Published in 2012 by Antiga Edizioni it was cowritten by Marco Milan and Kumiko Yamada as a contemporary Grand Tour around wine, food and culture all in between Italy and Japan.

Supported by The Japan Foundation and Procaffè Spa, an espresso coffee roasting company located in my hometown, I finally got this book which, in effect, combines different Italian wine areas to likewise Japanese well-known traditional restaurants.
An example? A glass of sparkling white wine from the vineyard around Asolo (Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG) perfectly matches with an eel omelette (Umaki) cooked  at Izumoya, a specialized  in eel cusine restaurant in Chuo ward, Tokyo.

Pic © Moustaches


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  1. my-oh-my! Voglio questo libro! *___*
    (adoro il tuo blog!)

  2. Idea e foto di questo progetto sono entrambe bellissime, il tutto incorniciato dalla progettazione grafica e stampa by Grafiche Antiga ... una garanzia!


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