To Start From One

It isn't easy at all to begin a new chapter of your life. When you turn that page the first line you have to write down on a new white sheet is the harder, even if writing is your job and you think you have always done it well.
It took 2 long months and many thoughts to finally convince me to open my blog again: I didn't leave it beacuse of negligence but because life, sometimes, makes you to bring into question and ask yourself about the direction you are walking through.

I must confess that the stormy days ain't over, but what I really need now is to find my own 'virtual' space here where to start afresh from 'One'. Here is a representative picture of my present state of mind 'stolen' directly from Kinfolk Magazine vol. 8. I will tell you about it on the next post I am going to write about this lovely issue regarding Japanese culture and customs.

I'd like to add a special thanks to Elisa. Thanks to her lovely blog, Wagashi Stories, I got the chance to win a precious gift at her giveaway straight from China! Being as lucky as I was convinced me at the right time that it was time to take my life (and my blog) back!

5 commenti:

  1. Support from tazzina <3 bentornata ;)

  2. Sono così felice che tu abbia fatto il grande passo del ritorno sul blog <3
    Bentornata... ^.^ il pacchetto dovrebbe partire stamattina, dita incrociate!

  3. Appena arriva ci diamo appuntamento per una pausa tè virtuale! Grazie :)


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