The Autumnal Colors: Yellow

I can't stop thinking Fall is all about Ginkgo leaves {remember my latest Ode?}. I start staring at my parent house tree since the very beginning of October, ending with my mouth opened when it suddendly becomes yellow, on the 1st decade of November.


The name Ginkgo comes from the Chinese "yin-kuo", which literally means "golden apricot". Its leaves are the emblem of Tokyo City and, there, are considered just like sakura is in spring: holy gifts from gods.
But there's a reason why I'm still so attached to this fan-shape-leaves bush: they said that six A-bombed Ginkgo trees in Hiroshima are still alive. It means there's no strongest message of fortitude and courage but this. We can be brave and bright like a Ginkgo Tree to face a cold season of the heart where all our defences seems falling down, day by day.

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  1. I Ginkgo in autunno sono davvero una meraviglia. Passo ogni giorno in una via costellata da Ginkgo e con la luce del sole ora sono una spettacolo. Hai davvero fortuna ad averne uno dai tuoi :)


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