London Purchases

I spent four days in the beautiful London, where it's always a pleasure to come back sometimes strolling around and having fun with good friends. Shopping in London is quite dispersive if you are not used to wide choises and crowded places, but, even if I left with a few spare room in my restrained luggage, I didn't came back empty-handed.

I chose three blue&white Japanese ceramic bowls founded by a nice stall in Camdem. They are from three different sizes all with adorable geometrical patterns. They are not Raku ware, but it's a worth purchase for my kitchen cupboard anyway!

3 commenti:

  1. I remember very well that stall in Camdem!!
    Nice choice! :-)

  2. Really? I would have bought more than I did, there ;-)

  3. In the next episode you could explain us what Raku is? Oh yes, I did my diligence checking out wiki, but that's not as nice as your short personal post :)


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