Japanese Pattern

I do have a crush on repeated geometrical shapes and this is why I adore Japanese ceramic and traditional geometrical fabrics. You can easily understand why I was so thrilled when I found out this small collection of typical motives with a brief description of their names and significances.

My favourite is the Asanoha (麻葉) one that I chose for my beloved bowl bought in London, remember? The name can be translated into "hemp leaves" and it is one of the most popular, frequenty used in women's obi from the Edo period. It is a six diamond-shape pattern arranged in a radial manner identifying itself with the hemp which grows well and so often used for swaddling clothes.

Well, if you don't get enough, here a small extract from a precious digitalized Japanese album collecting more than 100 examples of stencilled textile common patterns from around 1800 -1900. Adorable!

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  1. ahh awesome, i'll bookmark that site for later- I too love Japanese patterns, so pretty :)


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