Yakitori Recipes Book

I must confess: I usually buy recipes books not because my will to cook something but for my attraction to beautiful pictures and, most of all, graphic layout.
I'm in love with Guido Tommasi Editore book series, so when I found out this Yakitori volume I didn't resist. I wanted it to be mine.
The recipes and stylist are from Motoko Okuno, a Paris based Japanese chef loving her home-country spit cooked meat tradition.
I won't probably cook anything of it, but this volume fits perfectly with my already well-furnished bookshelf!

Pics and collage © Moustaches

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  1. I have this book and I love it.
    Sometimes I actually try a recipe, too.
    What about "Sushi Sashimi, l'arte della cucina giapponese" by Giunti? (Rie Hasegawa, tr. Rosalba Gioffré, Kuroda Keisuke) Very elegant, too.

    1. I must confess: I'm a terrible cooker. Anyway, I'd try to prepare the asparagus&bacon recipe that I noticed flipping through the pages.. I 'll let you know here on the blog about this attempt.
      I have never heard about the other book you suggest me,actually, but thank you for your precious advice! The more I collect this kind of books the more I wish I'll be able to improve my lacking manual skill :)

  2. Well, I do love cooking, but always have sooooo litttle time, sigh.
    And I totally adore Japanese cuisine, so I also have two other books - both in Italian - to suggest, even though less "graphically refined": the adorable _La cucina manga_ by Kappa Edizioni (Ioko Ishihara, trad. Serena Varani) and _Il Giappone in cucina_ by Hoepli (Kyoko Asada), which is very Italian-friendly as for the choice of ingredients.

    Looking forward to reading about you attempt, then! :)


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