Planning hours

Planning a roadtrip around the Country where you left your heart is never easy since you are divided between visiting places never seen before and walking down the same old streets you've already known and still miss a lot.
It tooks time and little surrenders, but we managed to have a detailed plan of our close Japanese holiday.

Two the destinations I am particularly appreciative of.

1) Kōyasan (Mount Kōya), the cradle of esoteric and ascetic Japanese Buddhism where doing trekking through the temples and shrines and been hosted by the monks for the night.
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2) Naoshima, an open-air museum island located in the Seto Inland Sea. There you can walk trough the architectural works of Ando Tadao up to the famous Kusama Yayoi's polka-dots pumpkin located on the shore. Beyond the museums the funny Naoshima Bath "I♥", together public bath and design treasure itself.
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  1. I love your pictures, I am hoping to go there too :)



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