Naoshima {pt.1}

After 14 days travelling, a crammed full backpack and a thousand photos taken it's time to reorganize my thoughts and show here a little from Japan.
Naoshima was the last destination of our itinerary, but the most wanted, dreamt and waited since 2005, the first time I've heard about this inspiring Art Island located into the Seto Inland Sea.
Just a quick post to anticipate the early objects of my desire, the partial abstracts of the real core of the island itself: Yayoi Kusama's yellow & red pumpkins.

A soon as the ferry docks at Miyanoura Port the first contact with Kusama's art is the one with the red pumpkin greeting your arrival to the island. This is the less popular one but it's climbable inside and enlightened by red polka dots lights.

The yellow pumpkin (1994) is not so easy to find, but it's worth the long-long climb (not talking about the super hot weather we found on the way). It is located on the southern side of the island, near the Benesse House Museum and Hotel.
Imagine the view: the smooth sea in front of you, the wild nature behind (as long as the nature could be 'wild' in Japan) and a backlit yellow stain, there.
It followed astonishment, a hundred photos and unforgettable memories.

Sometimes your dream places come true.

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  1. "Sometimes your dream places come true." So happy for you! This place looks like a dream-scape. I'm happily adding it to future potential japan trips myself :) I have always loved Kusama's work!


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