2015, Fly High

This year run out fast: it has been intense, funny, unbelivable, pacifier ... all that I've been needed.
To me 2014 will always be "the year of the headstand" since on January I practically learnt how to make it during my yoga classes, and metaphorically during my entire year. Practicing a lot and challenging myself I started a new chapter with new awarenesses and pleasures surrounded by the best people on Earth to whom I will always be grateful.
In 2013 someone suggested me to "fly down". Since then I have been started to FLY EVEN HIGHER. Hope you will be able to do so next year too.

Happy New Year

3 commenti:

  1. I love this! How beautiful - Happy New YEAR!! Congrats on conquering the headstand too!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes even the hardest things in life became possible with some practice and challenge. Have a wonderful 2015 and ... FLY HIGH!

  2. Che bello poter chiudere l'anno con questa consapevolezza ❤
    Tantissimi auguri per questo 2015!


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