Japanese Teapot

Whatever weather, cold or warm, I can't never stop drinking hot tea.  Japanese teapots are not only Tetsubin ones as there is a variety of shapes and materials, workmanships and functions.
I collected some of my favourite Japanese teapots from Pinterest and here you are just an anticipatory post of a new-in in my cupboard!

1. (here) Enamel. Japan is one of the Word's leading enamel manufacturers, in business since ages. The most recognizable design in this field is this famous teapot >>> click
2. (here) Porcelain. Bamboo handle and Chinese inspired decorated porcelain make it the the most beautiful teapot to display.
3. (here) Raw Ceramic. The exquisite result of a long handmade Japanese tradition.
4. (here) Kyusu is the most ancient teapot from Japan. It's a memory-made one since the smell of the leaves last long trapped inside.

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  1. Risposte
    1. Vero? Sono l'accessorio irrinunciabile per un tè delle cinque (o di che orario si voglia!) a regola d'arte ;)

  2. ‪@Burntfeather‬ I removed your lovely comment by mistake. Forgive my inattention, you are always welcome here! Kisses

  3. Ooh la seconda! E' la sorella di una tazza/infusore che mi hanno regalato da Samarcanda.
    Che belle!

    1. Da Samarcanda ci sono sempre un sacco di cose carine! A breve un post su un regalo di Natale mooolto gradito ... stay tuned :)

  4. bellissime tutte e quattro anche se devo ammettere di avere un debole per quella di ceramica grezza! Non vedo l'ora che tu ci parli della nuova arrivata :)


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