A new week is about to start. Here you are some B&W inspirations too much great not to share with you straight from my dedicated Pinterest board

All these pictures come from the 1950s when Japan started open mind and boundaries to the Western way of life. In all of them you can breath that "everything's new and possible" sensation. Japanese welcomed all these changes with big smiles, surprise feelings and unexpected enthusiasm.

1958. A young Japanese woman in a kimono playing with Hula-Hoop. (Mitsunori Chigita)

1949. Dancers resting on the rooftop of SKD Theatre in Asakusa. (Takeyoshi Tanuma)

1950. Ginza. (Toni Schneiders)

1958. Two young girls in kimono in a street near the almost completed Tokyo Tower.

1958. Streets of Tokyo. (Marc Riboud)

1954. Ginza skyline. (Kimura Ihee)

1958. Telephoning home. (Marc Riboud)

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